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Prime XBT Review

PrimeXBT Review: Complete Overview

PrimeXBT is a newer trading platform on which you can multiply Bitcoin using crypto as well as forex, indices, commodities and metal trading. In total, there are over 30 assets that can be traded. The huge leverage, which can go up to 1000x, is also interesting for many traders. Although large profits can be made with this lever, it should be forgotten that it can also lead to enormous losses. You can clearly see from the daily trading volume that more and more is being traded on the platform. Over 12 liquidity providers ensure sufficient liquidity so that all orders are executed smoothly and appropriately. Even with major price fluctuations, the platform runs smoothly and without freezing. PrimeXBT itself gives a figure of 7.12 milliseconds for the average ‘execution of an order. You can register here (Click Here!)*

Tradable Assets

PrimeXBT offers a wide variety of tradable assets including some cryptocurrencies, many forex pairs, metals, indices, and commodities. Bitcoin is used as the base currency. A minimum of 0.001 BTC is required as an initial deposit. PrimeXBT also scores by trading Forex, indices, metals and raw materials, which means that you can increase your Bitcoin by trading on traditional markets. So you are not limited to the crypto world.

30+ Assets. One Account.
30+ Assets. One Account.


The registration takes a few seconds, so you can start trading immediately. No prior verification is necessary, as is the case with various brokers.


The interface is very clear and can be individually designed using so-called widgets. You can also move and rearrange everything using drag & drop. PrimeXBT offers a number of tutorials with which you can find your way around very quickly. Another big advantage of PrimeXBT is that the broker offers a very nicely designed mobile app that also offers all functions. This is available from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


There are no deposit fees at PrimeXBT. 0.0005 BTC is due for withdrawals. There is a so-called flat fee per trade for the trades. The fee is 0.05 percent per trade. If positions are held for longer than a day, so-called overnight fees apply. If a position is opened and closed on the same day, these fees do not apply. The great thing about PrimeXBT is that a frequent trader is rewarded by the stock market. So you get a 25% discount on the fees if you trade a lot on the platform.


Customer support is an important quality criterion and an essential part of a good broker. PrimeXBT support can be reached through the live chat module on the website and by email. Customers can contact support around the clock with their questions and concerns. In addition, the help area on the website with a well-structured FAQ is a first point of contact where common questions can be answered immediately.


Prime XBT also relies on high security measures. The traded BTC are in cold storage, only the capital paid out daily is withdrawn from hot wallets. All transfers between the two storage options are confirmed by multi-signatures. Your own account can also be effectively protected with 2-factor authentication.


Traders who have their first PrimeXBT experience find that the provider combines the advantages of a crypto exchange and CFD broker. The trading account is capitalized using cryptocurrency, the basis for charging the fees is Bitcoin. The broker also waives a KYC procedure. All transactions are carried out via a wallet, as you are used to from a crypto exchange. Crypto and forex pairs as well as selected indices and commodities are traded via CFDs. You can register here (Click Here!)*

Trade Anytime, Anywhere
Trade Anytime, Anywhere

Warning: Trading leveraged futures products is incredibly risky. Make sure that you practice adequate risk management.

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