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DueDEX Review: Easy to use trading platform?

The broker DueDEX provides a range of sophisticated, user-friendly and institutionally high quality tools, analysis and services on its trading platform. Do you trade in huge volumes or do you need a platform that supports your high-speed scalping strategy? Then DueDEX is the right crypto trading platform for you. The platform also supports long-term buy and hold trading, hedging and automated algorithmic trading on its platform. This makes trading on the platform very easy and is suitable for all types of traders, including institutional traders. DueDEX offers its users a free demo account to practice and test trading strategies.

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DueDEX takes the security and stability of its trading platform very seriously. For one, DueDEX uses an offline cold wallet storage system with multiple signatures to store 100% of the client’s funds. Furthermore, the trading platform offers the 2-factor authentication method to open a new account. One advantage of this authentication method is that you can easily be notified and informed of all financial transactions and major changes to your account settings.

The platform is hosted by Azure DueDEX, a host that uses the Microsoft Security Framework to provide additional security to its servers and networks.

The Trading Engine

DueDEX is reliable even with larger trading frequencies; the platform can process around 100,000 transactions per second with low latency and minimal delay. This ensures that the platform is strong and reliable enough to allow transactions to be executed quickly.


The first step you need to take in order to transact is to create and own a crypto wallet. This wallet is used to transfer your Bitcoin to your DueDEX trading account. Once the funds have been sent from your wallet to your DueDEX trading account, you can start trading.

Withdrawals from DueDEX are processed manually three times a day. Withdrawals will typically take a few minutes to a few hours to be fully verified.

Leverage Trading

DueDEX offers traders the ability to trade with leverage of up to 100x. Leverage trading is a double-edged sword that can either help you achieve maximum growth or ruin your trading account if you don’t know what you are doing. DueDEX specializes in leverage trading of future swap crypto contracts. This type of contract has no expiration date and can be held indefinitely by the crypto trader provided they have sufficient funds and funds in their trading account to meet the maintenance margin requirements. You have the option of placing either market orders, limit orders or conditional orders, depending on your strategy.

DueDEX supports both technical analysis and fundamental analysis on its trading platform. The platform has numerous built-in indicators and chart analysis tools that allow users to conduct an in-depth technical analysis. You can easily create and import your own custom tools and indicators on the platform. Furthermore, the platform offers price warnings, conditional orders, limit orders and an order history which contains the details of all your closed positions.


The registration process for owning a DueDEX trading account is very simple and straightforward. Under this text you can click on the button “Visit Now!” to go to, then click on the link “Register”.

Choose whether you want to log in with your mobile phone number or by email. Now enter your preferred login method and a secure password that you can easily remember, then agree to the DueDEX service policy and click on Register. Once you have completed the form, you will be sent a verification link or code to your email address or phone number, depending on which login method you used. If you signed up by email, you will need to click the link sent to your inbox to confirm your email and complete the sign-up process. When registering via mobile phone, you must enter the code sent to you via SMS in order to verify your mobile phone number and to complete the registration process.

You can register here (Click Here!)*

Warning: Trading leveraged futures products is incredibly risky. Make sure that you practice adequate risk management.

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